New copper alambique successfully installed at Fabrica De Tequilas Finos

A new copper pot still has been successfully installed at Fabrica de Tequilas Finos. It will be in addition to the 3 existing stainless steel alambiques and will increase distillation capacity by 35%. The apparatus can fit up to 6,500 liters of agave musts which will turn into Tequila during the 8 hour distillation process, giving an average of 550 liters of fresh 55% strength top quality spirit.


The copper pot still was chosen specifically for its ability to  deliver a different Tequila profile to the stainless steel alambiques.  By having contact with the copper, the fermented agave vapors improve the texture, flavors and aromas of  the final Tequila liquid. Copper helps to soften tequilas, making them more  creamy, full-bodied and with a richer flavor.


This alambique will be used for the highest quality and highest price level brands like Cenote distillation.


“It was not an easy job to install this equipment as it weights over 2 tons, but the result was worth it!  We now have the ability  to produce a much wider range of tequilas in our factory  and we can strengthen our position in the market as a distiller – delivering small batch top quality products for discerning tequila consumers all over the world.” – said Olegs Alainis, General Manager of the Fabrica de Tequilas Finos.